6th December - Vientiane - T Shop gallery

Derisory pictures for broken hearts

Mall in the night, Udon Thani, Thailand

Babylon by minibus (Udon Thani by night), 2017, by Bruno-le-matelot, Poster colors on paper

Ethnic Mumbaï 3D !

I remember Mahalaxmi temple on Bhulabhaï Desaï Rd, (Breach Candy), Mumbaï, India

Funniest Pecha Kucha : Bruno try to speak in english about creativity, art and gaz-station

Here you'll find my Pecha Kucha,  on last September 15th,

Special thanks to Nami Hishihara, for her help and her patience, and to all the team...

Born in 1911 in Port Said or in 1919 in Nantucket, Bruno le Matelot probably the illegitimate son of an officer in the German Navy and of a Swiss governess of the "Blue Line". He joined the International Brigades in 1936 in Spain, more by taste of the action and romance than by political conviction, but without even finish the naval school.
Biographers lose his track during the world war to find back it in the 50s on a US base in Michigan alongside Hazel Ying Lee.
He now lives in an ashram in South Asia where he is treated for severe personality disorders, but where he still paints untiringly the infinite beauty of the Mekong's riversides

High... ( Vang Vieng, Laos, South East Asia's Eden )

Back on the ground after being at the top of the Southeast Asian traditional culture...

Asian Traditionnal Shadow Theater

by Bruno-le-matelot
(made in Laos PDR)

A smaller Asian Babylon, by bus

If you are interested by using one of these visuals for commercial purpose (for your restaurant or boutique or any communication campaign) please feel welcome to get in touch with ATELIERS D2 Bruno ; all the artworks could be printed on large scale.

Teenagering in Vientiane

Nightclubbing in Vientiane (2017)
Korean markers on cheap xerox paper...