Bruno-le-matelot's Pecha Kucha

" I spent my childhood in Normandy, near Honfleur, a harbour close to Le Havre where the River Seine flows into the so called English Channel.
Many famous painters like Monet, Boudin and Corot came here to paint the sea side and the riverbanks... We call this the "Honfleur school". 

It was my school... but now it is very old school. "

Drawing on the ground (Pecha Kucha-2)

"Maybe it's a stupid quest in our modern times but like them, I continued to do sketches with pencils, watercolours on paper. Everywhere I went, on the French Riviera, in Spain, in Corsica...
This is my own rule: create pictures on the ground.

Go East ! (bavardages-3)

I also try to mix all the cultures together. Classic and pop, ethnic and comics, western and eastern, all of them... but to understand these different cultures, Google was not enough.
One day, I left Europe...

Lost in translation...

I couldn’t find a translation for the specific French expression "peindre sur le motif". I only found "on the ground", but It's very difficult to paint "on the ground" when you're on the sea..
… because what you are drawing is moving and where you are drawing is also moving... So, it's not good for the inner ear and for the balance... especially after lunch.